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Farmer Brown

Healthy Roots would like to introduce the Owners of Farmer Brown, the Brown Family! Annette and Todd along with their children, Elizabeth, Katrina, Jonathan and Todd run the Farmer Brown Farm which is placed beautifully up in the hills of Enosburg Falls, Vermont.

Annette and Todd have always had or been around animals, and after starting a family, it became even more important to them to know how their food was raised or made. They started out raising a few of their own animals, (cows, pigs and chickens) for their family, but with the increased interest of their neighbors also wanting to know where their food came from, their business began to grow.

Farmer Brown primarily raises and sells certified Grass Fed Beef, Pasture Raised Pork and Chicken (organically grown). To meet the qualifications associated with having beef that is Certified Grass Fed, their beef animals must never eat grain, including during the finishing process. They decided to start raising their animals this way after reading, “Grass Fed Cattle” by Julius Ruechel. This book outlined a few aspects related to raising beef this way, which easily fit into Todd and Annette’s practices and values of farming. They also raise their chickens and pigs in a similar fashion, but they are fed certified organic during their lifetimes.

The Brown family is very busy especially during the summer. They sell their Grass Fed Beef, Pasture Raised Pork and Chicken all year round, but during the summer months they also sell surplus produce from their garden, jams, jellies, relishes, pickles and salsa at a variety of farmers markets including the Jeffersonville Farmers Market and the Burlington Farmers Market. You can also find their products at a variety of stores including, Wholesale COOP in New Hampshire, Lyndonville NCF COOP, Newport Natural, Buffalo Mountain COOP and Boston Post Dairy. They also have products for sale on their website at and on our Franklin County Farmers Market online at

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