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Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center: Dairy Business Viability & Technical Assistance Grant

Updated: May 31, 2022

The Healthy Roots Gleaning Program has been working year-round since spring 2020. This winter and spring we continued to expand our off-season produce deliveries thanks to our generous farm partners and incredible volunteers. Through the winter River Berry Farm kept us flush with carrots and other storage roots, and Tuberville and JK Markle supplied us with loads of potatoes. In late April this year we were already gleaning spinach at Sandy Bottom Farm. In previous years, we often did not have any gleaned produce available for recipient sites from later winter until June or July – the time of year that old-timers would have called the “hunger gap.” In the future, Healthy Roots hopes to have even more year-round gleaning capacity. We welcome more local farms to join the gleaning program. In addition to the bounty of summer and fall produce, we accept storage crops, spring greens, meat, dairy, bread, and more.

The Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC) provides support to dairy businesses through projects that promote the development, production, marketing, and distribution of dairy products. Projects target dairy farms and processors while providing additional support through market research and technical assistance. The Center's investment and project strategy promotes innovation and resiliency for regional production of dairy products.

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